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It has been seen many times a lack of awareness, not only among the common people but also in the organization/agencies of the government in regard to laws, practices and patterns apply to display and Disposal Of Indian National Flag Respectfully.

According to the Flag Code of India, “The Flag, when it is in condition that it is no longer fitting allegory of display; it should be destroyed in a respectful way, rather by burning.” In this article, I will present steps to dispose of a worn of damaged flag with the due respect towards it.

PS: Never chit chat, make jokes or divert your attention (for-instance, to a cell phone) as the flag burns.

Method 1:  Respectfully Burning the Flag

1. Build a Fire:

  • Choose a safe place for burning the National Flag. Clean the space initially, just to maintain the dignity of the flag. Build a medium size fire in a safe space away from any building or trees.
  • Make sure, the fire should be strong enough to ignite the entire flag, but not so intense that it may blow partially burnt pieces of flag out of the fire. Wait for the fire to reach a strong but steady burn.
  • It’s better to avoid disposing of flag in windy days as it could catch the fire anywhere else if the flag blows away while it’s burning because of stormy wind.

2. Lower and fold the Flag
3. Carefully place the flag on top of the fire
  • Place the flag in the center of the flames
  • Don’t toss the flag into the fire from a distance. Also make sure it is burnt completely and safely with due respect
4. Take a moment to respect the flag
  • Allegiance as the flag burns, observe it with respect and reverence. You can show your respect in your own way by saluting the flag or keeping a moment of silence.
  • Show your commitment to the flag by saying the pledge of Allegiance, “I pledge allegiance to the National Flag and to the Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic for which it stands.”
  • Make sure the fire is completely put out When no flag material remains, you may put out the fire. Apply proper fire safety protocols while putting the fire down.

Method 2:  Respectfully Burning the Flag

Bury and/or Shred the flag, If for some reasons, you cannot burn the flag, the alternate option is to bury it. 
  • Start from finding a dignified wooden box which is of good quality as this box will serve as the flag’s vessel. 
  • Fold the flag respectfully and place it in the box carefully. 
  • Bury the box in the earth. You may choose to mark the burial location of the flag with a small, respectful wooden or stone marker.
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