12 Myths that every Rajasthani has to deal with

Rajasthan is presently the biggest state in India and is known as the land of brave warriors. It’s a state full of colors and festivals.People from Rajasthan migrate to different parts of India for the purpose of business,work, education etc and during their stay outside Rajasthan they experience various myths about Rajasthan that are prevalent in the rest of India or i should say “World “. Those myths are clarified here with reasons.

1. You are a ” Marwadi” by default

“Tu pakka marwadi hai!”

You are assumed to be a marwadi if you are from Rajasthan.
People should hold a pen in their hand and note this down – “Everyone who belongs to Rajasthan is not a “Marwari”. Marwaris are Indian ethnic group of traders whose origin is from Marwar region. The Marwar region includes Barmer, Jalore,Lakshmannagar, Nagore, Jodhpur and Pali.If someone has a origin from above mentioned districts then he can be addressed as Marwadi apart from Marwad there are other region also in Rajasthan as Mewar, Shekhawati, godwar, bagad etc”.

2. Whole Rajasthan is not a Desert!

” Do you travel on camels there?”

Have you came across some extremely funny questions?
Rajasthan is being perceived as a dry rural place covered with desert with people in dhoti and pagdi with their sheeps and camel. Thanks to bollywood  for this kind of positioning.
Please note down ” Only the nothwestern portion of Rajasthan is dry and covered with thar desert. There is descent greenery in other parts and one of the city “Udaipur” is known for its greenary and lakes it is known as city of lakes and venice of east which claimed the title of most beautiful city of the world in 2009. Jaipur on the  other hand a metropolitan city with all the happening lifestyle, Kota is the education hub of India likewise every place has its own specialty and they are not rural .”

Hill station in Rajasthan…


Yess! Rajasthan too have a hillstation and after looking down from  there you would get to see greenery too not sand dunes. The place is “Mount Abu” do visit it :)

3.Everyone is not a Rajput or a descendant of Rajput Royal Family

Yes! it is the land of brave Rajput rulers but everyone who is from Rajasthan is not a Rajput and don’t have any connections with the Royal family.Many people just want to connect you to the Royal family and you like it too.

“Banna” if this term is known to people please don’t use it for every Rajasthani ,it is used for Rajputs !

4. Daal -Baati -Churma

Yes!  Daal Baati Churma is the specialty of Rajasthan but it’s not the basic food. It’s not consumed everyday. The basic food is the normal chapati , parantha, rice,vegetables and every fast food.

 5. It rains here AS WELL!

In Rajasthan the monsoon is same as other states . There is no scarcity of rain and fear of drought every year.

6. Liquor and Non- Veg

“In Rajasthan people generally don’t consume liquor and are pure vegetarian”- If you have heard this please note it’s not like that at all. The consumption of liquor and non- veg is as good as in other states. Barring few communities(Jain, Brahmins) everyone consumes them.

7. Attires

The attires that are potrayed in the daily soaps are not the attire that Rajasthani wear. In the most backward villages the old age people could be seen wearing the traditional dhoti ,pagdi  but generally the attires are normal.

8. Local Language

All Rajasthanis can’t speak Rajasthani!

Please note Rajasthani language is generally synonym of Marwari language but this language is not spoken in whole Rajasthan, there are other regional languages  spoken in other parts like Mewari in Mewar, Bagdi in Bagad etc and the languages differs with each other.
There are situation faced most of the times when your friends demands:-

” Just speak something in Rajasthani” or ” Sing a Rajasthani song”

and most of the times either the demands are denied or  you end up saying

” Khamma Ghani Hokam!”

Please note As the local language is usually spoken in rural and semi rural areas as their day to day language but if you ask a Rajasthani from urban area he won’t be able to speak as Hindi is the language of day today communication and this “Khamma Ghani” is commonly not used.

9. Udaipur-Jaipur are not that near

Just because the name rhymes well it doesn’t mean the two places are near. Jaipur is approx 500 kms from Udaipur and a more interesting fact is Ahmedabad is at half the distance from udaipur.

10. Rajasthani’s don’t prefer sweet in every cuisine

People sometimes relate Gujrat with Rajasthan . Rajasthanis  don’t prefer sweet in every cuisine at all ,they prefer spicy food.

11. Kaliyo Kud padio mela mai

This song is world famous but this is not the only kalbeliya song in Rajasthan as this song is played everywhere everytime. There are many other songs also. Rajasthani people should now stop playing this song and introduce another.

12. Not everyone has seen the Desert

“Desert all around your home, how cool it would look?”

You cannot expect every Rajasthani to have seen the desert.People generally assumes that the desert which is shown in the movies would definitely be seen by every Rajasthani but the fact is very few Rajasthanis have seen the desert as the desert is mainly in the districts of Badmer, Jaisalmer and Bikaner so due to large geography of the state these places are very far for the people to reach obviously people living nearby only would have seen it.

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