Fix: almost all websites keep automatically redirecting to

When I click a website, it loads, then around 1 second later it automatically redirects to Strangely I can't even click the "back" button to go back to the original website.

I was looking for the solution of this issue on web and what is found is strange, people says that this issue is because of "facebook connect" button. Any website that has a "facebook connect" button on it will redirect to

There are two temporary solutions for this issue, in my computer both are working fine but I am not sure these solutions are good or not.

Solution 1:
Disable the JavaScript in your browser and it will be fixed. However you will not be able to surf many websites like without java script, so you can allow them temporarily to enable JavaScript.

Solution 2:

Add a browser extention - "Adblock Plus" and add following in Adblock filters -

I will update the permanent solution once I found it.. 

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