15 common myths related to eyesight

  1. Headaches are usually due to eyestrain.
  2. Wearing glasses that are too strong can cause eye damage.
  3. Contact lenses can get lost behind the eye.
  4. Reading for prolonged periods in dim light can be harmful to the eyes.
  5. Children should not hold their books too close to read since this can harm their eyes.
  6. If children sit too close to the television, they may damage their eyes.
  7. Older people having trouble seeing should not use their eyes too much since they will wear them out sooner.
  8. People with weak eyes should rest their eyes often in order to strengthen them.
  9. Children who have a problem learning to read are likely to have an eye coordination problem and can be helped with special exercises.
  10. Cataracts have to be “ripe” before surgery can be done.
  11. People who wear glasses should be checked every year to see if a change is needed.
  12. Watching a bright television picture in a dim room can be harmful to the eyes.
  13. Ideally, people should use an eyewash regularly.
  14. A blue eye can not be used for a corneal transplant into a brown-eyed person.
  15. A cataract is actually a film over the eye which can be surgically peeled off.

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