Ways to make money online

1. Blogging There are two ways to make cash through blogging: either by earning commission from advertising banners placed alongside a blog of your own or by “sponsored Ads” . An array of third party tools is available one that I using bidvertiser for this perpose.The bidvertiser gives you money for per click on the advertise placed on your blog. Just establish yourself a decent blog, configure the ads and start to earn some money. Try it you will see how it work,. for joing bidvertiser
2. By reciving Sms on your mobile 3. Surveys As inglorious a means of making money online as you’re ever likely to find, completing market research surveys for cash is time-consuming, invasive and very, very dull. It also happens to be very effective. Opportunities in this field are virtually endless too, with literally thousands of research groups after your time and attention. Here’s one to get you started YouGov, (I know around 300 drop me a line if you want a copy of my list free) whose methodology involves obtaining responses from an invited group of internet users at prices ranging from £0.50 to £25.00 per survey completed or some give you points to spend on there site. Registration is free and can be done in no time at all, though if you are planning on going down this route, you would do well to create another email account solely for the purpose of survey completion – your personal details are going to be getting bandied around an awful lot, so get ready for lots of emails. 4. Social networking It may seem that making money as you trawl through profiles of friends, and ex boyfriends and girlfriends and anyone you are connected with, that you can not make any money as you do this! But let me tell you that you can “I can what I hear you say” well make money. Let me tell you about Yuwie, Is a social networking enterprise, offers to pay its users as they increase the page impressions of their public profiles, upload photos to share and refer others to join in the fun. All of this is achieved by a proportionate payment structure that sees around half of the website’s advertising revenue – its chief source of income - distributed directly to its user base. Admittedly it’s still early days but with around half a million registrations to date and no shortage of testimonials, Yuwie looks like it here to stay 5. Games Believe it or not, it is possible to make money simply by playing computer games. Second Life, allows users to both buy in-game currency called Linden dollars (a name derived from its creator, Linden Labs) and later exchange any amount amassed within the game back into real-world funds. Ailin Graef made the headlines in 2006 having claimed that her in-game avatar, Anshe Chung, had generated enough resources to allow her to be classified as a millionaire in reality. Other prospects include Moola, which claims to pay players over five million pounds for the straightforward task of winning thirty of its games in a row. Perhaps tellingly, the grand prize is yet to be claimed. 6. Selling A method as old as the internet itself, hawking wares through virtual auctions and shops provides a quick income boost, it’s a bit like a “boot Market online” enabling unwanted things to be sold for good old cash. The obvious starting points are eBay and Amazon Marketplace , though classifieds websites such as Ad Trader or Free Ads are proving increasingly popular. Those of you looking to secure a more long-term basis will need to source in-demand products or services. 7. Message boards Every message board - relies on posts from its members in order to sustain user interest. Newly-created forums are particularly dependent on regular contributions in order to encourage conversations and attract the registration of new members. This, of course, is where you come in. In exchange for a nominal fee of anywhere between £0.01 and £0.10 per post. Popular recruiting grounds include webmaster-talk and Digital Point check them out you will see how it works in no time. 8. Doing something crazy Most truly spectacular success stories of making money online don’t involve any of the aforementioned routes at all. Instead, they showcase brazen opportunism that flies in the face of all logic and reason. Take Alex Tew’s MillionDollarHomepage from 2005 for instance – a website set up with the sole intention of selling pixels at one US dollar apiece to advertisers in order to fund its proprietor’s university degree. On paper it was a ludicrous concept – of course it was - but a 21 year-old Tew soon found himself a certified millionaire. So too did the founders of Doggles, an internet business devoted to selling goggles… for dogs. The point is that, just as in the “real” world, originality paired with good business acumen may potentially reap far greater rewards than any supposedly tried-and-true method of generating cash that you might care to mention. So be creative. Wait for somthing new..visit again..

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