Know Your Windows

Make your folders invisible.. 1)Right Click on the desktop.Make a new folder 2)Now rename the folder with a space(U have to hold ALT key and type 0160). 3)Now u have a folder with out a name. 4)Right click on the folder > properties > customize. Click on change icon. 5)Scroll a bit, u should find some empty spaces, Click on any one of them. click ok

Set Processes Priority
Follow this tip to increase the priority of active processes, this will result in prioritisation of processes using the CPU. CTRL-SHIFT-ESC1.Go to the second tab called Processes, right click on one of the active processes, you will see the Set Priority option 2. For example, your Run your CDwriter program , set the priority higher, and guess what, no crashed

Shutdown Trick ! Imidiate rapid shut down window while shutting down window. open task manager(Ctr+Alt+Del), Select shut down tab. and press ‘ Ctrl ‘ key while select Turn Off from dis tab. Count 5 4 3 2 1 Voila!!! U r window will rapidly shut down.

Hide ur folders.. never known trick ! Disguise them to “Recycle Bin” Rename any folder with extension {645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E} eg, if u’ve a folder games press F2, then type, “games.{645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E}” c the magic…. then 2 get to original form, remove the extension using “ren games.{645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E} games” in dos or as a bat file n u are done.. Lock pc just by double clicking mouse You can lock your XP workstation with two clicks of the mouse. Create a new shortcut on your desktop using a right mouse click, and enter ‘rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation’ in the location field. Give the shortcut a name you like. That’s it — just double click on it and your computer will be locked. And if that’s not easy enough, Windows key + L will do the same.

Remove Stored username and Passwords ! To remove the Stored User Names and Passwords from your system, try this: Click Start, Run and type Control keymgr.dll Remove the entries from the list. The other ways to access this dialog are: Type Control Userpasswords2 in RUN box, click Advanced, Manage Passwords -or- From Control Panel, select your User Account, click Manage your network passwords It Works

Speed up Menu Display.!! When using the start menu the you will notice a delay between different tiers of the menu hierarchy. For the fastest computer experience possible I recommend changing this value to zero. This will allow the different tiers to appear instantly. Start Regedit. If you are unfamiliar with regedit please refer to our FAQ on how to get started. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop Select MenuShowDelay from the list on the right. Right on it and select Modify. Change the value to 0. Reboot your computer.

NOTE:: Back-up Your important data before trying may cause for data lose!


  1. there are better ways to hide folder by making them system folder and changing their attributes! even renaming and making nameless folders also has some better options!

  2. yes but we can open system folders by typing there name in address bar or by enablening the view of system files and folders.

  3. untill and unless user don't know the path and exact name of that particular directory/folder it will be impossible to access that folder if user will make it hidden by changing attribute and then making it hidden as well as making it system folder.

  4. dude just try it -
    goto control panel --> Folder options --> select View tab THEN uncheck the 'checkbox' "Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)" after this click on "Show Hidden files and Folders" option and click on command button OK. now you will able to see all hidden(including System files)files...


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